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Precision Aluminium are aluminium window fabricators and glaziers and below are some profiles, glass engineering and popular aluminium finishes used on our projects.

Aluminium Profiles:

Glass Engineering:

6.38 up to 12.38 also known as laminated safety glass.  This glass is made up of two separate sheets, as the name suggests, that are laminated together.  Commonly used as a low E for energy efficiency eg. 6.38 = 3mm + 3mm +0.38mm inner layer
Plate is a single sheet of glass that has not been put through any safety processes i.e. not safety glass and known as “Float”.  Once heat treated float becomes known as toughened safety glass as is the most commonly used glass in Australia.
Double Glazed Units or DGU’s are currently the most commonly used glass for energy efficiency being that the two pieces of glass do not actually touch meaning there is minimal heat loss or gain.  DGU’s are commonly used for noise prevention.  DGU’s can be made up of float, toughened or laminated glass.
Aluminium Finishes:

Aluminium comes from the mill in what’s known as mill finish and is generally either anodised or powder coated.   Natural anodised is the most popular finish for anodising however bronze and black are making a comeback.  Powder coating finishes are based on a Dulux colour chart with some colours aligning to colourbond colours. 

Click Here to view Dulux Powder coating colour range.
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